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The allocutio was the Roman General's address to his legionaries. (Handbook Chapter 18 Section 11: The Allocutio.)

Welcome to our Allocutio page.

On this page we have links to the Acies talk in March 2009 that our Spiritual Director Fr Paul Churchill gave us and to the allocutios he has given us at our monthly Curia meeting. All the Allocutio pages and PDF versions will open in a separate window on your pc which you can simply close after use and this page will still be open underneath.

Eucharistic Congress 2012 and Achies
Speaker Theme Adobe file
Fr Bede McGregor O.P.
Spiritual Director Concilium.
Mary and the New Evangelisation pdf
Fr Paul Churchill Mary and the New Evangelisation (Part 2) pdf
Acies 2017 I Am All Thime, my Queen and Mother pdf

Month Theme Adobe file
February What is Truth? pdf
March No Soul Is a Lost Cause pdf
April The Lessons from a Christian Journey pdf
May "Seek out and talk to every soul pdf

Month Theme Adobe file
December The Shephards and the Magi; pdf
November The Incarnation; pdf
October The Mystery of the Holy Trinity pdf
August The Blessed Charles de Foucauld and Frank Duff (II) pdf
July Blessed Charles de Foucauld pdf
June Mary bore the Greatest Fruit pdf
May Saint John the Evangelist pdf
April Love and Acceptance pdf
March The Risen Jesus is Our Lord pdf
February Lent pdf
January Prayer pdf

Month Theme Adobe file
November True Christmas pdf
October God’s Harvest pdf
August Bread of Life pdf
May Holiness: opening the door to God’s impact pdf
April We worship the Risen Christ pdf
March Acies 2015 Acies Allocutio 2015 pdf
March The Mystery in the Cross pdf
February Mary’s significant place in Our Lord’s Ministry pdf
January A Brother among us pdf

Month Theme Adobe file
December Christmas thoughts pdf
November The Incarnation and the Immaculate Conception of Mary pdf
October “Render to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s” pdf
September Soak in God’s love pdf
June The Sacred Heart of God’s love calls us to love with him pdf
May The Divine Office and the Rosary pdf
April They bowed down and worshipped him pdf
February Heart of our faith; the person Jesus Christ pdf
January Witnessing with Joy pdf

Month Theme Adobe file
December Jesus embraces humanity pdf
November The Coming of Christ pdf
October Frank Duff’s understanding of Our Lady’s role pdf
September De Montfort on Our Lady pdf
August Queenship of Mary pdf
July The Good Samaritan pdf
June The God of life pdf
May The Martyr pdf
April As you would that others would do to you: Do likewise to them pdf
March Acies 2013 Acies Allocutio 2013 pdf
February The Humility of Our Lady pdf
January Water into Wine: the story of our lives pdf

Month Theme Adobe file
December Emmanuel, a name which means “God is with us” pdf
November Faith pdf
October Our Mission: To be love in the heart of the Church pdf
August Mary pdf
July Gay Marriage-Why not pdf
June After the Eucharistic Congress pdf
May Let us enter the Eucharist with Mary’s heart pdf
March Acies 2012 Acies Allocutio 2012 pdf
March Courage pdf
February Regulations for Mass and reservation of Blessed Sacrament pdf
January Who can receive the Eucharist? pdf

Month Theme Adobe file
December Mary conceives in gentle silence pdf
November The Baptist is heralded pdf
October Active participation in the Mass pdf
August Sunday Mass pdf
July The Sacrifice of the Mass pdf
June Eucharistic Congress pdf
May The Holy Spirit gives us Confidence pdf
April His body changed status! pdf
March “Be it done unto me according to thy Word” pdf
March Acies 2011 Acies Allocutio 2011 pdf
February Hope - Br Colm Mannion O.P. pdf
January Promote and protect life pdf

Month Theme Adobe file
December Two hearts who trusted the heavenly Father pdf
November There is always Hope pdf
October The Missions pdf
September Christian present, uncertain future pdf
August Mary's Assumption pdf
July Some Marks of the True Church pdf
June Follow Christ and expect to suffer pdf
May Christ has the answer pdf
April “Go and preach repentance and forgiveness. . .” pdf
February Fickleness pdf

Month Theme Adobe file
November Own your own sins pdf
October The Missions pdf
September Other Christians pdf
August True Religion pdf
July Saint Ann gave Mary confidence pdf
May The Spirit will lead you to the Whole Truth pdf
April Faith pdf
March Prayers to Our Lady pdf
March Acies 2009 Acies Allocutio 2009 pdf
February Sin pdf

Month Theme Adobe file
November Hope pdf
October St Francis and St Ignatius pdf
September The Eucharist pdf
August The Legionary and the Trinity pdf
July Religion pdf
June Sacred Heart of Jesus pdf
May Mary's humility pdf
April Vocations pdf
March Resurrection pdf

Month Theme Adobe file
August Heaven pdf

Order of the Praesidium Meeting Chapter 18

Section 11. The Allocutio.

When the members resume their seats, a short talk shall be given by the Spiritual Director. Except in special circumstances, this should take the shape of a commentary upon the handbook with the object of eventually making the members completely familiar with every point contained therein. The allocutio will be greatly appreciated, and it will play an all-important part in the development of the members. Responsibility for the latter exists, and it would be an injustice both to them and to the Legion not to draw out all their possibilities. To do this it is essential that they be given a perfect knowledge of their organisation. The study of the handbook will greatly help towards this end, but must not be considered to be a substitute for the allocutio. Legionaries will believe that they have studied the handbook when they have read it attentively two or three times. But even ten or twenty readings would not bring the degree of knowledge which the Legion desires. This will only be imparted by a systematic verbal explanation and expansion of the handbook week after week, year after year, until the members have become completely familiarised with every idea it contains. In the event of the absence of the Spiritual Director, the commentary should be made by the President or by any member designated by the President. It is stressed that a mere reading from the handbook or any other document does not suffice for the allocutio. The allocutio should not occupy more than five or six minutes. The difference between the praesidium where the allocutio has been thoroughly done, and the praesidium where it has been badly done, will be precisely the difference between a trained and an untrained army.

“I have long had the feeling that, since the world is growing so rapidly worse and worse and God has lost his hold, as it were, upon the hearts of men, he is looking all the more earnestly and anxiously for big things from those who are faithful to him still. He cannot, perhaps, gather a large army round his standard, but he wants every man in it to be a hero, absolutely and lovingly devoted to him. If only we could get inside that magic circle of generous souls, I believe there is no grace he would not give us to help on the work he has so much at heart, our personal sanctification.” (Msgr. Alfred O'Rahilly: Life of Father William Doyle) (Handbook Chapter 18 Section 11 footnote: The Allocutio.)

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