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Edel from childhood to her death

Chronology of Edel's life (1907-1944)

See the slide show above for more detailed chronology of Edel's life

Edel as a small child holding some flowers with Sweep the family pet. Edel as a small child. Edel at about 11 years of age with a vase of flowers. Edel at about 15 years of age when she was at school in Birkenhead. Edel with a Daisy flower in her coat lapel in Dublin around 1935 before her mission to Africa. Edel at a picnic in Limuru near Great Rift Valley in Kenya organised by Fr Reid in about 1937. Edel in Nyasaland, (Malawi), still recovering from illness, taken in early 1941 Edel with Ruby Roberts and friends in Benedictine Hospital, Nongoma, Zululand October 1942 Edel laid out at her death. She was buried in the habit of the Sisters of the Precious Blood, in whose convent she died on the 12th May 1944.

1906 - Charles Quinn from Tuam, County Galway married Louise Burke Browne the youngest daughter of a prosperous farmer from Kilmihil County Clare. Both were aged 35.

1907 - 14th September. Born in Kanturk, north Cork, the oldest of five children. Baptised days later in Castlemagner. The family moved within a few months to Clonmel, Co. Tipperary where this photo was taken

1913 - Moved to Cahir.

1916 - Ascension Thursday, 1st June - Edel received her first Holy Communion in the parish Church of Cahir, Co. Tipperary.

1917 - Family moves to Enniscorthy. Children now Edel, Leslie, Mona, Ralph and Dorothy.

1918 - 27th October - Sacrament of Confirmation at Enniscorthy Cathedral, taking the names Josephine Eucharia.

1921 - Family moves to Tralee until Christmas 1924.

1923 - Went to a finishing school for girls at Upton Hall, Cheshire, England.

1924 - July - Edel gets word to return home immediately. Her father had a “business reverse.”

c.1924/1925 - Edel went to commercial college Dun Laoghaire and Stephen's Green to learn business skills. Family moves to Monkstown, Dublin.

1925 - Early - Edel goes to work for P.J.O' Hanlon industrial agency as shorthand typist.

1926 - Accepts better paying work with Pierre Landrin of the Chagny Tile Company

1927 - 1st September - Pierre (26yrs old) proposes to Edel. She declines although she succeeded in bringing him back to his faith. At this time there are only 13 praesidia of the Legion of Mary in Dublin.

c.1928 - Joins the Legion. Soon makes a deep impression on Frank Duff. She took to it immediately - one of “high quality”. Joins Our Lady of Victories Praesidium.

1930 - October - Edel joins as president Our Lady Refuge of Sinners Praesidium attached to the Sancta Maria Hostel.

1932 - Early in the year Edel makes plans to enter the Poor Clare's on 25th March. Intending to join in Donnybrook she is encouraged to strengthen the Belfast community instead.

1932 - 5th February - taken to Newcastle Sanatorium, Wicklow to recover from Tuberculosis. She made a huge impression on the staff there - especially the non-Catholics.

1933 - Left sanatorium as unable to afford it and she not seeing any notable improvement. Then Employed at Callow's auto-building shop, Westland Row.

1934 - August. Edel's first pilgrimage to Lourdes. In this year, the Legion started in Africa - Nigeria and South Africa.

1936 - May. Edel complains that she is being treated like she is “sitting up in a coffin”. She gets permission to be allowed to go with Muriel Wailes to Wales and England on extension work for two weeks together with a large number of volunteers. On returning, she wanted to go and live there to help extend the Legion. The consent of the Concilium to let her go to Africa was, for Frank Duff a “first-class miracle”. It was certain her work would be a success - if she lived.

1936 - October 30th - sets sail from Tilbury in London for East Africa - to Bishop Heffernan CSSp's Vicariate. Gets first class cabin.

1937 - Edel travels the rounds of Kenya, Tanganyika & Zanzibar and Uganda. In four months she had founded 14 praesidia. First East African Acies held on 4th April 1938.

1937 - June - Apparent attack of Malaria. Archbishop Riberi gives full support to her work and letter of reference to all heads of vicariates in his area.

1937 - September. Edel visits Tanganyika (now with Zanibar known as Tanzania).

1938 - 9th May - Edel purchases her first “Rolls Royce”. Her travels are extending. Passes her driving test on 25th! Car cost £65 - she needed a driver in case of breakdown and kept a rifle in the back for protection against wild animals.

1938 - July 22nd - arrives in Kampala, Uganda.

1939 - The beginning of World War II would affect considerations in English colonial countries. Tanganyika had strong German connections. Edel would continue her work regardless in spite of fuel rations etc.

1940 - January 22nd - Edel arrives in Mauritius. By April, a new Curia started. Stays 9 months.

1940 - September 20th - arrives in Durban, South Africa. Stays a few days and then heads for Nyasaland (Malawi) via Mozambique. Sea-sickness and travel was beginning to take its toll.

1941 - January - good progress being made in the two vicariates of Nyasaland. By February, Edel was seriously ill with dysentery and an attack of malaria and then pleurisy. Her weight falls to 75 pounds. Decides to recuperate in sub-tropics of South Africa.

1941 - April 22nd - Flies to Johannesburg. Met by Ruby Roberts. Admitted to sanatorium there in May.

1941 - November 14th - Moves from there to Umlami. By February 1942 her weight rose to 90 pounds.

1942 - October 18th - a frustrated attempt to return to Nairobi sees her join Ruby Roberts in another hospital in Nongoma, Zululand.

1943 - January 13th - Arrives by air back to Nairobi. By May she was back on her travels and envoy work up until 9th April 1944 returning from Kisumu to Nairobi where illness took its final hold on her.

1944 - May 12th - Edel's missionary labour in this world ends as she is called home to God.

1956 - Cause for canonisation introduced. Formally opened in 1963, tribunals were set up in 73 dioceses or vicariates and 258 witnesses were examined. On 15th December 1994, Pope John Paul II issued the decree affirming her heroic sanctity giving her the title Venerable.

A vast number of people have reported favours, some very remarkable, which they attribute to her intercession. And she appears to have a universality of appeal which of itself is an indication of the purity of the supernatural light she radiates.

Favours attributed to Edel's intercession should be notified in writing to:
Legion of Mary,
De Montfort House,
Morning Star Avenue,
Brunswick Street.

25. Mary loves Jesus in me, caresses and compassionates Him for all His wounds. But, above all, she speaks her gratitude for the Eucharist, and gives thanks to the Eternal Father for that Gift. Without the Eucharist, what a desolation life would be!
(Words of life from Edel Quinn, the Eucharist)

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