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Venerable Edel Quinn

Favours received through the intercession of Venerable Edel Quinn

These are just some of the extraordinary favours that Edel's devotees report that they have received through her powerful intercession. A miracle worked through Edel's intercession is necessary in order to progress her cause for canonisation to the next stage which is called "Beatification".

  • 1. Edel on O'Connell Bridge
    In the course of her office work in Dublin Edel Quinn met and befriended a young married woman who had a lot of domestic and financial trouble. Edel was a constant source of strength and encouragement and also of material help: “I could write a book on all that she did for me and my family”, wrote the friend later. When Edel left for Africa she missed her greatly, and though she did not forget Edel's assurance that God was with her in her suffering she frequently became very down-hearted.
    One day, in May 1944 Edel's friend was crossing O'Connell Bridge in a state of such deep depression that the sight of the river suggested the thought of doing away with herself. Then suddenly she saw Edel standing on the pavement a short distance ahead. She saw her quite clearly and was certain of her identity. She was about to approach her when her attention was momentarily distracted and when she looked again there was no sign of Edel. She was puzzled but thought that Edel mustn't have seen her and had moved away in the crowd of pedestrians. Disappointed, but thrilled by the fact that Edel was back in Dublin she went home and told the good news to her husband. Two days later she read in a newspaper that Edel had died in Nairobi shortly before she had seen her, as she firmly believed, on O'Connell Bridge.
    From then on she constantly prayed to her and received many blessings which she attributed to her intercession. Among these was the conversion of a close relative who had seemingly lost the faith and obstinately refused to see a priest even on his deathbed. She besged Edel to intercede for him and almost immediately he spontaneously asked for a priest and died in peace with God.
    In her old age, Edel's friend gave an impression of great peace and happiness and loved to talk about Edel Quinn's holiness, and her kindness to herself and her family. (Ireland)
  • 2. Edel Forestalls the Surgeon
    In October 1988, Mademoiselle X underwent a major operation for an abdominal tumor in a French hospital. Following the operation, an ulcer (fistula) formed on the pancreas, with continuing discharge of pus. The patient was extremely ill, suffering great pain and frequent vomiting. Unable to eat or drink, she had to be fed artificially.
    Things went on like this for six weeks and then the surgeon (a professor of surgery) informed her that, as the ulcer showed no signs of healing, another operation would be necessary. Mlle. X pleaded that she was too weak to face up to further surgery. However, on the surgeon's insistence that it was her only hope of recovery, she agreed to the operation and it was fixed for the two days later.
    During her stay in hospital, Mlle. X had learned about Edel Quinn from some Legion of Mary visitors from whom she also received a prayer leaflet. The legionaries joined with her in earnest prayer for a cure through Edel's intercession. She herself had great confidence in Edel's power with God and kept calling on her day and night, and now allthe more earnestly with the operation so near. Then the extraordinary thing happened.
    On the morning of the day preceding that fixed for the operation, she felt vastly improved and examination disclosed that the recalcitrant ulcer had healed overnight. The surgeon came to visit her and when he saw her new condition he exclaimed, “This is fantastic, it is a miracle! This is the best gift you could give me” (alluding, apparent, to his imminent departure to take up a post overseas). After this spontaneous reaction, he added that two years of non-recurrence would be needed before the cure could be confirmed.
    The proposed operation never took place and Mlle. X s general health steadily improved. At the end of 1990 she underwent a thorough medical examination which resulted in an excellent report. (France)
  • 3. Blind Child Receives His Sight
    Not long after the birth of a little boy his parents observed that he gave no sign of being able to see. A few months passed and now seriously worried, they consulted a doctor who confirmed that there was absolutely no response to light. They then took the child to a specialist who examined him very thoroughly and declared that the child, in his opinion, was suffering from incurable blindness; there was no trace of an optic nerve. The parents were in great distress. A few days later they went to visit some friends in Ireland and brought the child with them. One of the friends advised them to have recourse to Edel Quinn on the little boy's behalf, and introduced them to a priest who had a relic of Edel in his possession. At the parents' request, the priest blessed the child with the relic praying that, through the intercession of Edel Quinn, he might be given his sight. The next day, to the amazement and joy of the parents, the child seemed to be following some moving object with his eyes. Subsequent days made it perfectly obvious that he was able to see. It was some weeks before the parents were able to bring him back to the specialist. The specialist was completely astonished when, on examination, he found the child's eyes perfectly normal. He said he couldn't understand how he had failed to detect the optic nerve on the previous occasion. He suggested that perhaps there had been a delayed development of the nerve but didn't offer any explanation of the fact of the whole process taking place so suddenly. The parents were quite satisfied with their own explanation and remain full of gratitude to Edel Quinn. (s.r)
  • 4. Completely Unexpected Cure of Severe Ulcer
    Following a superficial injury, Fr. Robert Hilton, a priest on the teaching staff of an English seminary, developed a very bad ulcer on the side of his knee which steadily grew worse in spite of careful treatment in hospital and in the infirmary of the seminary.
    At the end of three months a nurse who dressed the ulcer described it as “very angry and like a real hole in the knee.” Three months later a different witness said it was “a deep hole into which one could put one's finger; the wound was full of pus and very raw.” The doctor described it then as being “one and a half inches in diameter with a sloughing base extending to the lower tissues;” he warned that it would take a long time to heal. The ward sister of a hospital where the priest spent some weeks, also at that time, was fully convinced that the ulcer would take perhaps up to a year to heal if, indeed, it ever healed. The patient left the hospital to be cared for by the very competent infirmarian of the seminary, a religious sister. A few days later, seeing that the ulcer had defied all medical treatment and was continuing to deteriorate, she began to pray earnestly for a cure through the intercession of Edel Quinn, and was wholeheartedly joined in her prayer by Fr. Hilton himself. Very soon after the start of this prayer the ulcer began to show improvement and within two weeks the heavy discharge of pus had completely ceased while the ulcer was seen to be healing from the base deep down. The prayers continued and each day showed a further improvement. By another ten days the ulcer was completely healed. The doctor subsequently made a statement describing the cure as a most extraordinary phenomenon and entirely unexpected. He was personally convinced that the cure should be attributed to the invocation of Edel Quinn and not to the medical treatment which, in this case, had proved of so little avail. (U.K)
  • 5. Cure of Nervous Disorder
    A Dublin client of Edel writes: “I wish to state that for the past ten years I have prayed solely to Edel Quinn to intercede with Almighty God for a close relative now in her fifties who had suffered a succession of nervous breakdowns and mental illness, was unable to hold any employment or face any responsibility for very long without deteriorating. Since the start of praying this relative not only has improved so much but has twice been promoted at work in those ten years.
    I have recently started praying for three other people I know who have had breakdowns and they are all making remarkable recovery so far. I am so grateful to Edel Quinn for the intercession to Almighty God and His wonderful answers to my prayer.” (Ireland)
  • 6. Man Suddenly Hears After Years of Deafness
    “I wish to inform the Legion of my remarkable hearing recovery, which I attribute to the intercession of Edel Quinn. Previous to my experience I had been deaf for many years and found it necessary to wear a hearing aid. During the year, I became interested in the life story of Edel and decided to offer up a Novena that she would intercede and cure my loss of hearing - this she did. On August 4 last, while watching television, my hearing aid suddenly failed to function. On pulling it out, I discovered that I could hear very clearly. The aid was no longer necessary. There is absolutely no medical explanation. All this I owe to Edel Quinn.” (Ireland)
  • 7. Hand Saved from Amputation
    A Dublin man writes: “A friend of mine received a bad cut in his hand with an electric saw. It had been stitched but when the stitches were removed the cut opened again. The hand became swollen and black and there was a very bad odour from it. The doctor said he would have to amputate. I called to see my friend who had resigned himself to amputation. I suggested that we start a novena to Edel Quinn and promised to lend him Edel's relic which was then on loan to someone else. We started the novena that night. The next day he was due to see the doctor and arrange to go into hospital. On his way up to the Mater Hospital he says he suddenly felt light and as if he had enormous strength. When the bandage was removed the swelling, blackness and odour had disappeared and there was no talk of amputation. He continued to improve and although he expected to have an ugly finger, it is back to normal. We believe this to be Edel's doing.” (Dublin)
  • 8. A Vocation Saved in Thailand
    “On the day of the Mass commemoration of Edel Quinn a sister from the Congregation handed in a letter to the Superior General expressing her desire to leave the convent for good. The latter accepted the letter and had a talk with the sister. Everything was set for her departure but the Superior asked her to think again before leaving. The Superior placed the letter under the portrait of Edel Quinn and asked her for her intercession to change the mind of the sister. On May 12 (Edel's anniversary) the sister returned to the Superior and withdrew her resignation. So she is back in the Congregation and has promised to stay for good.” (Thailand)
  • 9. Co. Cork lady had surgery for breast cancer. While further tests were being done she prayed to Edel Quinn that these tests would be fine and that the cancer had not spread. The results were good.
  • 10. Mary from London reported two graces granted through Edel's intercession - her brother in a nursing home found a ring that was missing and she found some keys she had dropped and were not to be seen until she prayed to Edel.
  • 11. Dublin man was having a difficulty with decision making that would change his life. He took it on himself to sample for 2 weeks this “way of life” and to his disappointment it was more difficult to live than he thought. On returning home he was having symptoms of depression and the realization of having to eliminate this way of life as a possibility was hard to accept. He asked Edel to help him overcome this obstacle while praying the prayer for beatification with faith. To his great joy the depression lifted. In his opinion Edel Quinn is a powerful intercessor.
  • 12. An Enniscorthy lady wrote to say that she had found a lovely friend to pray to in the Venerable Edel Quinn. She has helped her cope with bad health “Bi-polar disorder”.
  • 13. Dublin lady wrote to thank Edel for a house she and her husband got 10 years ago.
  • 14. Man from Devon in England reports a business favour received through the intercession of Venerable Edel.
  • 15. Former legionary who has great devotion to Edel prayed for a local man with a drink problem. Last year, this man, only 55 years old, was diagnosed with cancer of his liver. He made several Novenas and the Doctor sent the man to Dublin for tests. He had a liver transplant which the writer believes resulted from the intercession of Edel Quinn and the man is looking the picture of health now.
  • 16. A Wexford grandfather believes that through the intercession of Venerable Edel his granddaughter made a complete recovery when at the age of 3 (1997) she fell from the top of a slide to tarmacadam and fell into unconsciousness with the hospital not sure of the outcome. The little girl took the name Edel for her Confirmation. On the day his Grandson was to make his First Communion he walked on a needle which became embedded in his foot. The Doctors had great difficulty in removing the needle but thanks to Edel surgery was avoided.
  • 17. From Victoria in Australia through the intercession of Venerable Edel Quinn a loan was granted when a family were on the verge of losing their home.
  • 18. A lady in Ballina saw the leaflet when she was in church in June. She claims that she is not really a holy person but that she started praying to Edel for 2 favours and wrote to report that one was granted. She writes, “When I'm saying this prayer I feel I'm talking to a friend. I'm sure my other favour will be granted.”
  • 19. From Ballinasloe, Co. Galway the wife of a very slick man back in 2004 furnished a report from her son who had prayed to Venerable Edel and considered it a miracle that his father ended up in a Dublin hospital receiving the medical assistance he needed after many years of hospitalisation locally.
  • 20. Dublin lady prayed for a great friend who was travelling in South America for 4 years but had not heard from him for 7 months. All were desperate to hear from him but his family had no way of contacting him. After 2 nights of praying to Edel he rang and he is alive and well.
  • 21. Dublin mother of four ranging in ages from twenty one to eleven has prayed to Edel on and off through the years. She turned to Venerable Edel when her son decided to do 4 months of college in France. He applied late, knew nobody and was a quiet gentle lad. She said the Edel prayer everyday. He had the best time. He made loads of friends from all parts of the world. They went to Barcelona and he really enjoyed his time in France. He got home at Christmas. His mother believes that Edel and Our Lady kept him safe and says that she will always pray to Edel.
  • 22. From Houston, Texas lady thanks Edel for miracle involving her grandson. She thought he could not be baptised. She prayed for 6 months and now he will be baptised.
  • 23. A lady in Cong Co. Mayo prayed for her 37 year old daughter who had her tonsils removed and she believes Edel Quinn gave her the strength to get better as quickly as she did.
  • 24. After 37 years a lady from Sutton writes to tell of getting the Edel Quinn prayer leaflet while in Ballygall Road East Church in January 1971. She was pregnant and the following day she was haemorrhaging. She got out of bed and turned Edel. After many months of uncertainty she went into hospital on 7 September. On 9 September at 3.40a.m. Edel Mary was born a full term baby.The family are thankful to God through the intercession of Edel Quinn that Edel survived.
  • 25. From Perth Australia, a note of thanks for cure of nephew.
  • 26. Maureen from Celbridge had been praying to Edel for the last couple of years since she picked up a prayer leaflet in her local church. She says that Edel has helped her so much. The latest being for her husband. He had tests done and something showed up on the ultrasound which was suspicious. The Doctor ordered a Catscan and the result was clear. Whatever was there disappeared and Maureen is so grateful and says no doubt Edel had a hand in it.
  • 27. Collett from Ashbourne, Co. Meath writes to let us know that prayers said to Edel are being answered for her family and it has made such a difference. She has come to love to say the rosary after being laxed about it and she knows that Edel has played a big part in that.
  • 28. Philomena from Co. Monaghan was in hospital with a severe condition of the Pancreas and Gall Bladder and a stone lodged in the bile-duct which the hospital were unable to remove. A few nights after her sister gave her the Edel Quinn prayer leaflet while saying the prayer for her beatification she felt something move in that area and when she went the next week to the hospital the stone was gone and the bile duct was almost back to normal.
  • 29. A Co. Cork mother turned to Edel to pray for her daughter after her marriage broke up and for her son who has many problems at the moment and she writes to acknowledge favours received.
  • 30. From Houston, Texas a lady outlines 3 small miracles for Saturday 10th May when she turned to Edel in prayer for friend to find pocket notebook, for a former nun to return to the Catholic Church and for a young girl hit by truck on the side walk
  • 31. A Dublin mother writes that her daughter Edel after being on the housing list for eight years got a house in an area she liked. Her friend got a house also. Two friends of the family passed their driving tests. All thanks to Venerable Edel Quinn.
  • 32. On 20 February an expectant mother went to the Oblate Church in Inchicore in Dublin to pray as she was being induced with her baby the next day. She came across the Edel Quinn prayer leaflet and recognised her as someone her grandaunt had a hugh belief in when she was a child. She prayed to Edel all that day that her baby would arrive naturally and most of all safe as she was 10 days overdue. That evening while at the Cinema she had an uncomfortable feeling and decided to go to the Coombe and within minutes of her doctor arriving her baby was delivered by caesarean section. She immediately believed as soon as she looked at the baby that her prayers to Edel Quinn during the day and to Our Lady had made all this happen and says thanks for making the prayer leaflet available.
  • 33. Lady from Mumbai, India prayed for Edel's intercession that she would be able to attend her second retreat with her mother and that the Lord would provide them with a room and bathroom and both had a fulfilling retreat. The second favour received was that her son, received the confirmation letter for admission to Bombay Scottish School. This was one of the greatest miracles in her life. She thanks the Lord for answering her prayers and thanks Venerabie Edel for interceding for her.
  • 34. A Donegal man prayed or his neighbour with cancer and he has received good results from a recent scan.
  • 35. Bridie from Co. Galway writes that she has received many favours through the intercession of Venerable Edel. Her daughter used to suffer from nose bleeds.
  • 36. Cathy in London prayed earnestly to Edel Quinn for her daughter Edel who was in a very bad relationship and after nine months the relationship ended. Sadly she became very depressed and needed counselling and was on anti-depressants but once again her mother turned to Edel and thanks to God and Our Blessed Lady she is now in good health.
  • 37. A man from India found the Edel Quinn prayer leaflet in the Ennis Friary church when he returned for the umbrella he left behind him after attending Mass there. He prayed to Edel that his wife would be pregnant. On October 16th 2007 a baby boy arrived. He and his family are grateful to Edel Quinn and will pray daily that she becomes a Saint as soon as possible.
  • 38. A Co. Tipperary woman picked up the Edel Quinn prayer leaflet while in St. Colman's Cathedral in Cobh, Co. Cork two days before she did her driving test. She passed her test after failing it the first time.
  • 39. When an ordinary Thursday evening, is suddenly turned into the worst day or your life, all that'd left to do is count on the one's who have alway come to your rescue in time of great need.
    After a sudden seisure caused my, cousin to collapse and have to be put on life support, our world was turned upside down. A tiny little boy of just 5 years old is now on life support in a leading Dublin Hospital. After a sleepless night and an MRI scan, it is revealed that Tom has a brain tumor. A week passes and an operation is sheduled for the Wednesday morning. With the kindness of the Legion of Mary I managed to get a relic from Edel to give Tom to have with him. On the day I collected the relic I seen a rainbow in the sky and I knew then that Edel was there watching over us. After three weeks of nothing only prayer and hope the test, came back on the tumor, clear. All our family believes, it was nothing only prayer that got Tom through, and will always believe Edel kept him safe when he needed her most. We will never forget the kindness, that was showed to us from everyone in the Legion of Mary, we are forever in their debt.

Favours attributed to Edel's intercession should be notified in writing to: Legion of Mary,
De Montfort House,
Morning Star Avenue,
Brunswick Street.

100 What is impossible for us is possible for Him; take Him at His word
(Words of Life from Edel Quinn booklet )

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