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Pope Benedict XVI

Our Catholic faith is an incredible and tremendous treasure so we should be only delighted to share it with others! We should be like Frank Duff who said in the Handbook that we should nearly ask someone for a light so that we can contact them about our Catholic faith. In these modern times there are so many people of different faiths dispersed among the populations of all the towns and cities of the world. There can only be one totally true faith in the world so it is up to us to try and contact peoples of other faiths and ask them to consider the Catholic faith. We believe we have treasure and that treasure is Christ truly present in the sacrifice of the Mass and in the Blessed Sacrament in every tabernacle of every Catholic Church in the world. God is with us! Are we with God? Our Catholic Church is referred to as being "One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic" It is One because it is under the direction of the Pope and the Hierarchy, it is Holy because it is the Mystical Body of Christ and he granted it the seven sacraments which are channels of graces for us to make us Holy, it is Catholic which means it is universal and made of people from all around the world and finally it is meant to be Apostolic! We are the Church and we are all meant to be Apostolic! You don't have to be a member of the Legion of Mary to be apostolic but the Legion can give you a great training because the main object of the Legion is our own sanctification and then we can share that with others. We cannot give what we haven't got, so we need to work on our own conversion daily before we think of trying to help others. There is a story told about St Francis of Assisi that not too long before he died and he was already a great Saint he asked God "what do You want me to do now? Our Lord told him He wanted him to "Repent!" Another day long before that St Francis told one of the new members that he wanted him to go preaching with him into the town. Off they went and St Francis never opened his mouth to anybody! The new friar asked him why they did not preach to anyone but St Francis told him we did preach to everyone by our presence, our clothes and our recollection. Our own conversion is the most important thing in life and if we are working on that then we will already be evangelising. But if we are not working on our own conversion our evangelising will not be what it should be and sometimes people can sense that from us. St Thérèse never left her convent but she is Patron Saint of the Missions because of her prayers and abundant zeal to spread the Gospel. Some Saint said "Preach! but only use words if you have to!" Frank Duff once replied to someone who said that "Ireland has kept the faith" that "Yes, but unfortunately we have kept it to ourselves!"

When Christ said all, he meant ALL. Actually he had before his eyes each individual one - “for whom he had worn the Crown- and borne the Cross, the nails, the lance - the rabble?s ignominious glance - unnumbered griefs, unmeasured woes - faintings and agonising throes - and death itself on Calvary.” Labour so great must not be thrown away. The Precious Blood must now be touched to everyone for whom it was so prodigally shed. That Christian commission drastically drives us out to people everywhere - to the least ones, to the greatest ones, to those near, to those remote, to the ordinary people, to the wickedest, to the farthest shack, to all afflicted creatures, to the diabolical types, to the loneliest lighthouse, to the leper, to the forgotten sort, to the victims of drink and vice, to the dangerous classes, to the dwellers in caves and caravans, to those on the battlefield, to those who hide, to the avoided places, to the lowest den, to the icy wastes, to the sun-baked desert, to the densest jungle, to the dismal swamp, to the uncharted island, to the undiscovered tribe, out into the absolute unknown to find if there is someone living there, right on to the ends of the earth where the rainbow rests! No one must evade our search, lest the gentle Jesus frown upon us.
Handbook Chapter 40 Go Preach the Gospel to the whole Creation Section 1; His Last Testament

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