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God revealed His name to Moses as; I AM

For those who find it hard to believe in God?

There are many people in the world today who do find it very difficult to believe in God. With modern technology and so many other things in life today that seem to discourage us from believing in a real Personal Living God. It is not easy for some people to start believing in God or to regain the faith in God they once had.

The most important question though for any atheist is "Do I want to believe in God?" "Do I want to believe that I when I die am really going somewhere?" "Am I immortal?" These are the most important questions we should ask ourselves in life. Common sense would tell us that everyone should want to believe in God because if there was no God then there would be no chance of eternal life but when we come to believe in God then we realise that Eternal Life is the greatest reality of our lives. Eternal Life is just such an incredible idea that everybody in the world today should be overflowing with gratitude to God for the gift of Eternal Life. But does everyone want eternal life? I don't think we will ever in all eternity understand those two words Eternal Life. If I am an atheist and I think I would like eternal life but I just can't believe that there really is a God then what do I do? Simply ask God! "God do you really exist? If you do help me to believe in You" God does not want to hide Himself from anyone but He will usually not force Himself into our lives unless we ask Him to come into our lives.

There are many people in the world today who are now atheist but when they were children they believed in God. So what happened to them? Perhaps like one of us over time they stopped all contact with God. By not going to Church or the Mosque or by not praying we are preventing ourselves from experiencing God and soon we no longer believe in Him. When we stop to think of people we went to school with many years ago it can seem as if they don't exist anymore! We never see many of them anymore and so we never think of them and it is as if they don't exist because we never have any contact or communication with them. We don't experience their presence so it is as if they don't exist. We can no longer remember the names or faces of many of them. The same thing happens to so many people when it comes to God too. We stop experiencing God and then we stop believing in Him. Non experience leads to the belief of non existence.

Many atheists do not want to believe in God! This really is crazy. They are anti-theists more than they are atheists. Many people do not want to change their way of life. Perhaps they are in wrong kind of situations or are not prepared to let go of some sin or addiction. God loves everyone with infinite love and He wants to sort out all our problems that are keeping us away from Him. If we ask God to help us to let go of some sin or to sort out a wrong situation He will help us. Catholics have the sacrament of Confession for confessing our sins but Confession is also a channel of graces from God to us so that He can heal us of our sins and make us stronger against them so that we lose our attachement to them. Help is available for us we just have to ask for it.

There are so many miracles in the world today especially in the Catholic Church which should help us to believe in God. It is easy to search on the internet for pictures of the incorrupt bodies of some saints whose bodies have never decayed. Some of them like Saint Catherine Laboure and Saint Bernadette are very striking. But when we get to know God a little we see that the greatest miracle in our lives is our lives! We exist!

God revealed His name to Moses as; "I AM" and people who believe in God realise that it is only because God can say "I AM" that we then can say "I am" In other words it is only because God exists that we exist. Every human being is an incredible unique invention of God. People who are in love can understand this.

The choice is ours. We can be our own worst enemy or our own greatest friend. Our freewill gives us incredible power over ourselves, it determines our eternity for us so all of us should use it well!

When Frank Duff was 24 he had an experience of briefly but totally losing his faith and belief in God. The experience shook him to the very depths of his being. He went in to confession one day and when he came out he went to kneel at the altar to say his penance but his belief in God just totally disappeared. Frank was shattered by this terrifying experience, this hell on earth, it was an instantaneous depressing overdose of the misery life would be if there were truly no God. If God did not exist then nothing in life mattered and life had no meaning anymore. Frank did not know how long this inescapable dread, bleak, horrendously depressing and morbid feeling lasted, perhaps just a few minutes but just as quickly as his faith had disappeared it was restored to him! But he never forgot the experience, he left that church that day a forever changed man, it marked him for life. It gave him the zeal to spread the faith by means of the Legion of Mary later on. It gave him the zeal to pray to God for mercy for his fellowman. It was as if God had allowed him to experience something of the total darkness of true atheism. If God did not exist nothing in life means anything. It made him realise that faith is a gift from God and no intellect can attain it from human reasoning.
Source of this experience is Chapter 7 from the book about Frank Duff by Fr Robert Bradshaw

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