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"The Legionaries' essential mainstay must be this knowledge of the companionship of God, their good Father, in their two-fold work of sanctifying themselves and serving their neighbour." (Chapter 5 Handbook)

Alfie Lambe slideshow.

Legion of Mary Handbook

Legion Handbook now available in epub version for some Mobile phones and Ipods. See Handbook link for link to it.

Eucharistic Congress Dublin 2012
See Fr Paul Churchill’s talk at the Congress here.

Confession Leaflets

The Joy of Confession

In order to help people to know the joy of Confession our Curia has produced a new Confession leaflet. To see its contents visit this pdf file. For more info:

Recruitment Brochure

Legion Recruitment Brochure

The Recruitment Brochure is now produced by Concilium at the price of 8 euro per 100. Please contact Concilium (www.legionofmary.ie).

The Vexillum or Standard of the Legion of Mary The Tessera or prayer leaflet of the Legion of Mary "The Legion of Mary is an army", it is a Christian army of young and old who want to conquer the world for Christ under the direction of Mary His Mother and under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.
Our Vexillum or Standard is based on the Roman Vexillum and our daily duty to prayer is written in the Tessera prayer leaflet. For a larger picture and a fuller explanation of the Vexillum or the Tessera please click on their image.

Deus et Patria Projects

For the revitalisation of the Faith and the Legion in a country.

Public Rosary

Public Rossary during a Deus et Patria Project to Limerick.

Young Legionaries on Projects Many of our young legionaries take part in weekend-long projects to various towns and villages in Ireland, under the banner of Deus et Patria. Legionaries partake in apostolic activities prescribed by the Parish Priest, such as home visitation, street contact and discussion groups. It is a great opportunity for young Legionaries to go out and share their faith with others.


Many people took part in a public Rosary at the Crib in O'Connell Street where Fr Churchill led the Rosary and gave the following Meditations. PDF

"He (Frank Duff) perceived the immense mercy of God and saw how it reaches people today under the inspiration of the Mother of the Lord."
(Bishop Bernard Longely January 2008 Maria Legionis No 2 2008)

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