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A brief explanation of the Miraculous Medal

The Miraculous Medal of the Immaculate Conception

For a fuller explanation please see Appendix 6 of the Legion Handbook


There is a very good Documentary here about the Miraculous Medal.

Our Lady appeared to a French nun named Catherine Laboure in her Convent in La Rue du Bac in Paris in 1831 and asked her to get medals made exactly according to the apparition that Catherine beheld before her eyes. Catherine did as she was told and so many miraculous cures were worked by God through the Medals that the people of France just named the medal the Miraculous Medal. Perhaps it should be called the Medal of the Immaculate Conception but those who use it know that it is Mary Immaculate who obtains the miracles for us from her Divine Son.

Front of the Medal

On the front of the Medal we see Our Lady standing with her foot on top of the head of the serpent who is on top of the world. She seems to be the New Eve who is conquering the Serpent as predicted in the Bible. From her hands stream graces for those who ask her intercession. During the apparition some of the rays were missing and Catherine asked Our Lady why this was so and Mary replied that she can obtain graces for everyone but so many people never ask her for help and that was why the rays were missing. Encircling Our Lady were the words "O Mary conceived without sin pray for us who have recourse to you"

Back of the Medal

On the back of the Medal we see 12 stars on the outside which can represent the Church built on the 12 Apostles. Mary is Mother of the Catholic Church. In the center of the back of the Medal there are the Hearts of Jesus and Mary which are both on fire with Love for Mankind. The Sacred heart of Jesus is burning with infinite love for sinners and that is why He died on the Cross for us. His Heart is pierced with a crown of thorns because so many people do not believe that He loves them and so many more reject His Love for them. Mary's Heart is on fire with tremendous love for us as well because her Son died on the Cross for us. Her heart is pierced with a sword of sorrow as old Simeon had prophesied to her when she presented Jesus in the Temple. This sword pierces her heart because so many people do not believe in God or love Him to their own ruin. There is a large Cross interlinked with and above a large letter M. This M stands for Mary and also for Mother because Jesus gave her to us as our Mother at Calvary. It is because Mary is the Mother of Jesus that she is also the Mother of the whole Church which is the Body of Christ. The M beneath the Cross can be interpreted as symbolising Mary at the foot of the Cross at Calvary. It can also represent the Catholic Mass which makes the sacrifice of Jesus on Calvary present for us on the altar during the Consecration of the Mass. Mary was present and suffered at the foot of the Cross at Calvary and we can be present with Mary at Calvary everytime we attend Holy Mass. At Mass we can pray for great mercy and receive Jesus risen from the dead into our souls. The Medal is a sacramental of the Church and so it is an instrument of Divine Graces.

The legionary is, as it were, a living Miraculous Medal, a humble instrument of Our Lady's graces to the world.
Handbook Appendix 6 The Medal of the Immaculate Conception called the Miraculous Medal

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