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The Vexillum Standard of the Legion of Mary

Spirituality of the Legion of Mary

The spirituality of the Legion of Mary is the Spirituality of Frank Duff who founded the Legion in 1921. Frank Duff read "True devotion to Mary" by Saint Louis Grignon de Montfort and he encouraged members of the Legion to take on St Louis De Montfort's spirituality. In that book Saint Louis Grignon de Montfort recommends us to give ourselves totally to Jesus through Mary just as Jesus gave Himself to us through Mary. In this devotion we give Mary everything, our past , our present and our future. We offer her all our actions so that she can then offer them to her Divine Son and because she offers them to Jesus they become much more acceptable and much more valuable. This devotion is sometimes called a "Holy Slavery" because in it we offer ourselves as slaves or servants of Jesus through His Mother Mary. We become slaves or servants of Mary in order to become better slaves or servants of Jesus. Saint Louis recommended a 33 day preparation of prayer and meditation before some feast-day of Our Lady and on the feast-day we consecrate ourselves totally to Jesus through Mary. Mary is the greatest teacher in the Spiritual life and when we practice this devotion she will bring us nearer to Jesus than if we just relied on our own efforts. Frank Duff imbued the Legion of Mary Handbook with this spirituality and the Legion of Mary is a great way to practice true devotion to Jesus through Mary. St Louis also recommended people who practice this devotion to say the magnificat after receiving Holy Communion and to say the Little Crown of the Blessed Virgin daily. Both of these prayers are available on the Legion prayers page of this site. In the Legion we learn to become Apostles of Jesus and to have the courage to go out and spread the "Good News" that God loves everyone and wants everyone to be saved.

Presentata Curia organised a series of talks about the True Devotion and these talks are available here below. Some of the talks are divided into smaller parts and others into first a Talk and then a Question and answer session.

True Devotion to Mary talks

True Devotion to Mary
Speaker Talk Questions & Answers
Noel Lynch Talk Questions & Answers
Fr Padraig O Cochlain Part 1 Part 2
Fr Padraig's talk continued Part 3
Br Brian Doyle O.P. Talk Questions & Answers
Fr Fergal O Duill Talk Questions & Answers

"You can not keep a great joy to yourself, you have to pass it on!"
Holy Father Benedict XVI

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