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Talks on Br Frank Duff

Our Curia is very lucky in the sense that there are members of our Curia and members in the local Dublin Curiae who knew and remember the Servant of God Frank Duff. We have asked some of them to give our Curia a talk about Br Duff so that we can all get to know this great man a little bit better. At present the talks are in mp3 format which most people should be able to play on their computer. If you have any problems with any talk please let us know.

Frank-l-y Duff!

We had a series of four talks in March this year where we asked our speakers to read a chapter from Frank Duff's book "Mary shall reign" and use that as the theme of their talk. After the talk there was a question and answer discussion session.

Frank-l-y Duff
Speaker Talk Discussion
Fr Michael Ross S.D.B. The New Eve Discussion
Dr Fionnula Kennedy Waste not, want not
Br Colm Mannion O.P. The Priest must have members Discussion
Liam Hayden The future of the Legion Discussion

I knew Frank Duff series

Between 2005 and 2008 we had a series of talks about Frank Duff by some people who knew him during his lifetime. The exception being Fr Eamonn Mc Carthy who did not actually meet Frank Duff but he did a lot of work on his cause for canonisation, mainly orchestrating the compilation of all of Frank Duff's 33,000 or so letters so that they could be presented to Rome on disk. Fr Eamonn got to know Br Duff very well from studying his writings and he was ordained on Frank Duff's birthday several years before ever doing the work on his cause. (Many people volunteered to type the letters on their computer and send them to Fr Eamonn) We just asked the speakers to give a half hour or so talk about Frank and after the talk the audience were free to discuss or ask questions about Frank. Sometimes the talk and discussion went on for over an hour so we have divided up those talks into about twenty minutes or so sessions so that listeners can return another time to hear different parts of the talk. Each speaker was introduced at the start of their talk. They are listed here approximately in order of appearance.

I knew Frank Duff series
Speaker Talk Discussion
Fr Michael Ross S.D.B. Talk Discussion
Mary Mc Andrew Talk Discussion
Sile Ni Chochlain Talk Discussion
Dr Fionnula Kennedy Talk Discussion
Fr Eamonn Mc Carthy Part 1 Part 2
Fr Eamonn-continued Part 3 Part 4
Enda Dunleavy Part 1 Part 2
Enda-continued Part 3
Marie Dunleavy Talk Discussion
Tom Smith Talk Discussion
Sr Mary Greaney Talk Discussion

Frank Duff Commemoration Service Glasnevin Cemetry

In 2007 our Spiritual Director Fr Paul Churchill spoke at the annual Frank Duff Commemoration Service that is held in Glasnevin Cemetry where Br Duff is buried. The service is usually held the Sunday near to the 7th of June which is Br Duff's birthday. This talk is available as text only.

Frank Duff Commemoration at Glasnevin cemetry 2007
Fr Paul Churchill The Man with the Feet-on-the-Ground Spirituality pdf

That programme means personal contact, the contact of one soul with another. That is why I stressed that little heading: "Seek out and talk to every soul". Talking is the main idea, and it is the thing which we dodge most. We will do everything except go and talk to people about religion. (Everyone must pour himself into another soul; An address was given by Frank Duff in New York, during his brief visit to the U.S.A on the occasion of his reception of the Annual Marianist Award, 1956 from the University of Dayton, Ohio.)

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